Monday, June 27, 2011

Face Paint

Hello Beautiful

This past weekend I again had the pleasure of taking a models photo.  We decided to keep it low key; one model, one photographer, one beach.  It was simpler than any shoot I have done.  Even the theme was to simply capture “pretty”.  Not over the top glamour.  Of course in this fun endeavor we had to figure out the make-up.  Most girls know how to do everyday make-up very well, but make-up that highlights ones facial structure on camera is a completely different exertion.  So on this simple and sunny Friday afternoon I applied make-up for the first time.  On her, not myself of course.

I was surprisingly good at it.  At first I thought, “this isn’t so hard.”  Dip, tap, brush, and blend.  As I began to paint my three-dimensional canvas I honed out the features I saw in her.  The depth of blue in her eyes.  The highlights of her brow bone.  The slenderness of her cheeks.  As I later reflected on the event that had transpired I realized what a painful ordeal this must be for girls.

Every day make-up is applied, touched up, and removed.  Pores are clogged and later cleansed.  Nails painted weekly, hair died monthly, and eyebrows waxed bi-monthly.  It never ends.  This is life in our society.  Get over it.  You have to do it.  Complaining looks good on no one.  The painful part is not the incessant routine. 

Each morning a young lady looks in the mirror.  She thinks about the day behind her; all its highlights and downfalls.  She looks at her scars from the years.  She attempts to focus on what she will accomplish today.  Her goals.  Her dreams.  Her future.  She thinks about boys and prays for love.  She wonders if she choose the right major and if her mom will ever talk to her again.  She takes all her confidence and insecurities, her wins and failures, her personality and aspirations; and creates her look for the day.  Everyday she replicates the metaphysical parts onto an epidermal canvas for all to see; reestablishing herself to the world. 

No matter how you feel each day—sad, hot, pretty—wear it well.  And wear as much or as little make-up as you want.  Its your declaration.  Remember your beauty is more than your situation.  It is a deep seated truth and testament to your existence.  You ARE beautiful.

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