Monday, May 2, 2011

Inside Outside Inside

Hello Beautiful.

Do you think you look beautiful today?  Do you feel it inside?  Did someone compliment your dress?  Did you feel beautiful before you put the dress on?

A young reader commented that beauty comes from within.  In general we can all agree with this concept, yet further consideration is merited of this abstraction.  There is an undeniable industry marketed with the idea of beauty. Express. Glamour. MAC. Prada. Tiffany. Paul Mitchell. Special K.  They all sell one product:

Agents of Beauty

They are not beauty in themselves.  They are just an amalgamation of molecules from the vision of a designer and the mind of a chemist.  They are only ambassadors to assist you in advocating your beauty.  A beauty which comes from within you.  But what about the days when you wake up and simply don’t feel it?  Something has barricaded the view of your true self.  Perhaps it is a day you feel a little more full.  Maybe your spirit was crushed by relationship trouble.  Possibly you are weighed down by a stressful burden.  How does one realize their beauty when the candle is burning dim in the storm?

Just as products help physically manifest your inner beauty, so can inner beauty revelation be encouraged by outward appearance.  There is no replacement for a box of Kleenex, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and an Audrey Hepburn movie.  But sweatpants yield frump, ice cream craves cookies, and sadness breeds depression. Awe striking are the times when the sun’s rays pierce through the tumultuous clouds.  The sun doesn’t wait for the storm to end.  It declares its presence boldly.  On those days arm yourself with the tallest pair of heels, pull out the special eye shadow, and rock those sunglasses.  Because you are beautiful not just inside-out, but outside-in as well.  Let your deliciously glamorous appearance wipe away your cares.  Be swept away by the complimenting eyes of your co-workers.  Allow your spirit to be encouraged.

Products help shape who we are.  They brighten our days.  They help us get past hindrances.  They remove the pieces that are not truly us.  They allow inner beauty to be exhibited.  Perhaps these agents help who we are take shape.

They do not make you beautiful, they display you are beautiful.

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