Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello Beautiful.

We are taught throughout our lives to compare. Six is greater than two. A county is less than a country. Diamonds are better than cubic zirconia. To ascribe value to physical objects is a skill that is constantly impressed upon us. And while this is a great skill to have, perhaps we translate it too literally onto ourselves.

Do you worry more about your value than your worth? Worth doesn’t compare. Worth is an intrinsic value that something posses. A tattered blanket to a child. A Christmas card from Grandma. A touching Lifetime movie. Ladies are bombarded with the need to raise their value. Mothers force daughters into beauty pageants. People magazine lists the 50 most beautiful people in the world.  Facebook tracks how many friends we have.  And while none of these competitions are bad, our identity is not determined by a ranking. So often we see a clique of girls make fun of others at a party. All to feel better about themselves. But at what cost? Others are hurt. Ugliness is breed. True beauty is compromised. 

We must remember that apples do not care about oranges. Oranges do not boast that their sales are up. We do not purchase apples because they put down oranges more skillfully.  We select an apple because the orchard was nurtured by the sun with unadulterated richness. Its perfectly bright red color calls out to us. We are captivated by its firmness. When our teeth pierce the apples skin our ears will savor the crisp sonance. A fine mist of essence sprays into our nasal cavity exciting our olfaction. Our tongues will dance with delight as the juice fills our mouth. We are fully engaged with the apple because this apple is the best an apple can be.  We have completely forgotten about the orange.

Cease worrying so much about being the prettiest girl at the party, on the stage, or in the world.  Concern yourself more with being the most beautiful Michelle, Brittany, or Alison. Imagine where we would be if we stopped wasting time with comparisons. Realize your worth. Transform your life by raising yourself up and bringing a friend along too. Be confident because you are beautiful.

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