Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Become Perfect

Hello Beautiful

Perfection. The unobtainable desire of our hearts to be without flaw.  An impossible state as a cause of our humanity.  Humans make mistakes.  We feel the consequences of errors, whether they are justly a direct result of our own exploits.  Or our demise is the effects of another's volition.

Flawlessness is our goal.  We pump our skins full of Botox to maintain our youth.  Our minds are indoctrinated with higher education for eloquence and correctness.  We labor in the gym to fit into that amazing pair of skinny jeans.  We are driven by ideals.  Many proudly wear the title of perfectionist.  Meticulously refining every detail of a project. A subject. A life. 

There is nothing wrong with bettering oneself.  In fact it should be lauded.  But it is a cautionary tale.  As Master Yoda said, “once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” 

One must maintain a realistic expectation while continuing to push the limits of their humanity into divinity (not to be confused with deity).  How is one inspired for weight loss but not anorexia?  How does one out perform their classmates without alienating their friends?  How can one be in vogue, without appearing extraneous?  It is a matter of realizing your humanity.

Being a perfectionist is not doing everything perfectly every time.  It is not getting everything right in every situation.  It is not winning every debate.  Becoming perfect is putting forth your best every time.  It is trying to do better today than you did yesterday.  It is making yourself a little more whole as time passes on.

We confuse the need to be right with the desire to be right.  You cannot be right all the time.  But you should long to become right.  Righteousness requires of us to admit our wrongs, receive correction, learn from our mistakes, and rectify ourselves.  Then you can be right again.  We once thought the world was flat. and no matter how much we swore upon the throne of God and of England that it was, it could not change the fact that we were wrong.  The only way to become right again was to change our thinking about the world.  We do not always have the luxury to change the entire world.  But you can change your world and discover the Americas.

You aren’t perfect yet, but you are beautiful.

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