Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I take a lot of photos. Taking 500 photos is a negligible act in my week. And out of those, I might be content with 25 of them. Some because of technical issues with the camera. Others because of blinking eyes or awkward faces. But the most important reason is because of life.

When I ask someone if I they will model for me, I often hear “I’m not pretty enough,” “I’m not thin enough,” or “I don’t know what to do.” I usually laugh. Being photogenic has far less to do with the physical condition of ones body than most people realize. When I take a snapshot of even the slimmest, fairest complexion, gussied up model that I know, I am not initially pleased with what was recorded. It is junk. The reason is because there is no life in the photo. It is a static recording of a dynamic moment. A person pulled out of their context. A life portrayed as an artifact.

A good photo is an anecdotal act. There must be a relationship between model and photographer. I know what makes my models cry and laugh. If they are dating anyone and what they are studying. I learn their life stories. We work through several layers of high quality glass to draw forth an emotion. Over the weeks that follow most of the photos are tossed out. The few that remain are worked over. And over. And over. At first removing simple mistakes. Then accruing more emotion; adding to the photo the story of each individual. The end result is a life captivated in an image.

Every photo should tell a tale of life. No one takes pictures of cheerios, mountains, tears, and dresses. Your photos tell your story. They might say how you started your morning or with whom you ventured on a hike. They can reveal that you are hurting or that you are ready for your hot date. They show off your fresh haircut and let you brag about the flowers that some special sent you. Photos display your life.

So don’t shy away from cameras. Your life is fascinating. Be the rock star and give them all you got. Live in a glass house and dare them to throw stones. Let someone captivate you because you are beautiful.

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