Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Beautiful?


An adjective.  A noun.  An interjection.  A common word with extraordinary meaning.  To be called beautiful is a great compliment.  And to bestow the title is of greatest praise.

But what does it really mean?  Professor, Hans Rott, famously asks his design theory pupils, “What is ‘the Beautiful’?”  Who decides?  Is it subjective?  If it is subjective, can there really exist the antithesis of beauty; formally known as ugly?

Beauty is not a matter of capricious subjection.  It is also not determined by mere quantifiable means. The degree of curvature of the body.  The amount of sunlight refracted by the atmosphere.  The metering of words to rhythm.  We can find examples with the same measures but empower few with the title of beautiful.  This is not what ascribes worth to the things in this world that we treasure so dearly.  Beauty is a qualitative measure.  It is the burst of passion that Eminem forcibly spits into the microphone.  It is the glow of the sun warming your neck and kissing your heart.  It is the aura of confidence that surrounds a lady in heels as she pierces a room.

Inside each person is a divine spark.  A small flicker of combustion that can ignite the potential energy inherent to our humanity.  To have been created is to have purpose.  Anything with a purpose is by definition not accidental.  Even if unplanned, that which has been created is not an accident.  You are not an accident. 

Accidents are not beautiful.  They may end up fortunate.  One might compose a beautiful photograph of an accident.  But accidents are tragic.  They are followed by death : destruction : darkness.  Accidents are ugly.

To be created is the opposite of an accident.  It is living with fulfillment of one’s purpose.  It is raising the quality of one’s own humanity and that of a neighbor.  It is expending one’s potential into an explosive kinetic reaction.

You were created.

You are Beautiful.

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